Firewatch Security Services in Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Miami & Key West, FL

Firewatch Security Services in Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Miami & Key West, FLAn unexpected fire outbreak can be a threat to lives and properties. In fact, many businesses have lost valuables documents and assets including workers’ lives due to their failure to put proper fire protection in place. It is often recommended that business owners put solid firewatch security system in place to safeguard lives and properties. Each company must tailor its firewatch system to its specific needs, and ensure compliance with Florida Fire Codes.

Firewatch is a continuous measure meant at ensuring the safety of a building or a portion of it by one or more qualified individuals. Firewatch security guard services can best be performed by well trained guards who have sufficient understanding of how to identify and control fire hazards, who know how to detect early signs of unwanted fire, and understand the procedure for raising an alarm of fire as well as processes of notifying the fire department. In any situation where the fire alarm or sprinkler system of a building is to be taken out of service, there is a need to put firewatch service in place. 

Arseas Security Services has security personnel that are well trained to perform all aspects of a firewatch. Arseas Security Service is the first choice company for firewatch services for people living in Florida and it environ.

Thus, if you live or run a business in Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Miami & Key West, Florida, and you’re looking for professional firewatch guards, call Arseas Security Services today on 305-307-1194 for a reliable security service.

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